Project Clients

Personally, I run The Waterbender SG, a non-profit organisation in Singapore that delivers humanitarian relief for those in need.

Humanitarian Relief Partners

I write opinion articles on all things digital water, climate resilience and humanitarian relief.




I delivered presentations on water digital twins for smart flood management.


● Digital Water: 1D-2D Hydraulic Modelling (QGIS, TUFLOW HPC, HEC-RAS, EPA SWWM) | Stormwater Drainage Detailed Design | Detention Tank Detailed Design | Pipeline Detailed Design | Backwater Impact Analysis | Nature-Based Solutions | Water Sensitive Urban Design | Stormwater Management Plans | Flood Modelling | Flood Risk Assessment | Flood Damage Assessment with Gender Equity & Social Inclusion | Flood Mapping | Flood Mitigation Options Appraisals | GIS Analysis | Remote Sensing Analysis | Flood Forecasting | Digital Twin Solutions | Systems Integration | Scripting (Python, C++, SQL, Dynamo, VBA) | Visualising (Power BI) | 3D Modelling (OpenRoads, Microstation)

● Climate Resilience: Disaster Risk Mapping | Disaster Risk Reduction and Management | Decision Support Systems | Early Warning Systems

● Humanitarian Relief: Advocacy | Rural Villages | Refugees | Clean Drinking Water | Flood Relief


● Bachelors - Major in Environmental Engineering, Minor in Civil Infrastructure (NUS)

● Certificate - Nature Based solutions for Disaster and Climate Resilience (UN Environmental Programme)

● Certification - 2D & 3D ArcGIS Pro (ESRI)

● Certification - Python for Data Science (NUS)

● Certification - Python for Hydrology (Gidahatari)

● Certification - IoT: Technology & Application (SMU)

● Certification - Data Analytics using Power BI (SMU)

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